The AAR 'Cuda style stripes for the Dodge Rampage & Charger
An exclusive retro Mopar musclecar theme

The meticulous attention to detail makes this a respectful tribute to the original strobe pattern used on the legendary 1970 Plymouth AAR ‘Cuda.

In the past we’ve seen attempts to replicate this design on some later model Mopars but we’ve never seen one that features this high level of accuracy.

This set is made from top quality materials to perfectly contours to fit your vehicle. It contains the sections for the fenders, doors and rear bed.

A Positive Impressions original for only 149.00

For those who use the factory 2.2 scoop on your hood an optional matching strobe “Rampage” or "Charger" hood scoop decal is 25.00 extra.

Available in your choice of regular vinyl colors.

Also available for 1982-87 Dodge Charger

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''Making the world a better looking place one Shelby Dodge at a time''

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